[Cocos2d-x] Cocos2d-x v3.0 How to Run cpp-tests on win32

Public on April 25, 2014

It work with me, and i wanna share for you this tut ! it great

In this article, I will show you how to run cpp-tests on your windows PC.

Environmental Requirements

Compile and Run the TestCpp Project

  • Download cocos2d-x from our download page and unzip it on your working directory. The structure of the directory should look like as following:
  • Open file "cocos2d-win32.vc2012.sln" in "build" folder as fllowing:
  • Right click the "TestCpp" project, and select "Set as StartUp Project", then you can compile and run the TestCpp project, here is the screenshot:

How to Create a Empty Project


At first, you need to download and install python 2.7 to finish the following steps.
Then, you should add the path "[cocos2d-x root]\tools\cocos2d-console\bin\" into your system environment path, don't forget to add a ';' as delimiter. For example, my bin path is "F:\source\cocos2d-x\tools\cocos2d-console\bin", and I will add it to the end of PATH as following:
(Note: The [cocos2d-x root] is the path where you unzip your downloaded cocos2d-x package)
Open cmd and change current path to the bin path, and input the cmd "cocos -h", if it outputs the help message, congratuation, you have added the right path in the environment variables. We can create a project by using cocos2d-console commands now.
Type "cocos new -h", and you will get the following result :
Now it's time to use the command to create a new empty project.
For example, I want to create a cpp project, then I can type "cocos new MyGame -p com.MyCompany.AwesomeGame -l cpp -d F:/MyProject". This command will create a cpp project under F:/MyProject directory. Here is the screenshot:

How to Compile and Run the Empty Project

Open MyGames.sln in the proj.win32 folder, press "Ctrl-F5" to compiling and running the project. If you compiles and run without any errors, you will get the following results:

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