Leading a social club with confidence

Public on February 2, 2015

Self-confidence is somehow the quality of the twenty-first century it is used wrongly and through to now define the ability to reflect a certain charisma, sometimes the dredging of chicks in night clubs … But how do we achieve success in this endeavor and more specifically trying to lead a social club group?

If confidence was sesame, the key that allowed you to become aware of your worth, to know you better and in the end to make a social personality that fits you really?
This does not it allow you to improve in your life every day, to relativize the effects of stress and evolve without pressure?
You will understand, self-confidence, is neither more nor less than a judgment, criticism that limits your field of possibilities and your freedom of action.
So how gain self-esteem you may ask …
1. Build self-confidence by relativizing its environment-related pressures
By observing how the interactions of the relational sphere are built you can understand why you sometimes have doubts about your credibility or importance to your interventions.
Take two totally different examples:
You are with friends:
one of your best friends heckling you, lowering front of your usual small circle of acquaintances.
How do you react? Most of the time with humor and without having to feel offended, you send him the ball.
It’s the same with your family. You can certainly say and react to them according to your own personality without having to question the validity of the latter.
Why? Just because you know the social codes of the relational groups that are familiar to you.
You know you agreed not found, so you can make yourself comfortable. The pressure is almost non-existent and you can evolve with your natural reflexes.
In your subconscious, your opinion as valuable as that of your friends or family. You participate in an exchange and not a conflict.
You’re at the office or in the classroom:
you are asked to speak in front of everyone to expose the fruit of your labor.
You hesitate, Bumble and are not at all sure of your reasoning, even if you have done the research and you are recognized as someone effective.
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This feeling may also be present when your manager you pass a soap. How to react? By answering dryly at the risk of hurting see or crashing and showing his weakness of character?
The situation here is different from where you are in a small and familiar relational circle.
Your confidence is sometimes undermined by the presence of people you do not know (enough) because you do not know how they perceive you and what you give them social value.
How to think in fact that a commander can be at the same level as you?
Your aim to relativize the impact of the doubts that motivate you during daily interactions with your audience, so it’s deconstruct this pressure, this weight on your shoulders.
How? Just starting to realize that it is from your own thinking and not the other.
Self-confidence is built and evolves according to external phenomena.
Ask yourself: do the eyes of others is fundamentally impact my life?
Am I ready (e) to change partners, dress style, so to speak, of thinking and lifestyle to just be better perceived (s) of the people I barely know?
Or do I assert myself and make myself respected, because like everyone else, I keep my freedom to be who I am?
2. Self-confidence is a daily awareness
If I had to define self-confidence in a few words, I would say that it is the absence of doubt when performing a task or action.
I will even go further by adding that being confident, it’s just assume his personality to the outside world.
Take also the example of the people you are charismatic, what is their common, if not the fact always seem to know what they do and why they do it?
You must realize that it is doubting yourself you lose credibility and impact.
Whether in the field of seduction or in the professional world, those who know the most successful are those who dare to open without fear of judgment, those who know no other person has the legitimacy to do their change their way of being.
Asking too many questions is to limit oneself and therefore limit the expression of his confidence.
The fear of failure is not to motivate your choice or reactions.
Failure is part of the learning process and its value is indisputable: knowing and understanding accept mistakes we learn to become more efficient and better able to improve.
3. How to build self-confidence in concrete terms?
Now that you understand that nothing can touch you (because in reality, you will not die of joke because its author has no legitimacy), it’s time to pump up your confidence.
Here are some tips that can help you rebuild an assumed social personality:
Communication improves self confidence:
To feel better in his sneakers, simply grasp the relational interactions in a somewhat different way than usual.
Instead of asking how a person will judge you according to your opinion, ask yourself how it seeks to feel by interacting with you.
Certainly at ease, listened to, respected and important … like you after all!
Keep in mind this logic: people perceive you based on how you send them their own image.
So be polite, cheerful, kind and never hesitate to make contact with new people: there shall ye draw great satisfaction.
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If this seems logical, we realize that stress often leads to behaviors opposite of a policy promoting the development of interpersonal skills … do not fall into this trap!
It’s the same for your non-verbal communication (body language). Always be open, clear and full in your movements to limit doubt marks.
The look reinforces self-confidence:
Materialistic as it may seem, you can feel better about yourself by adopting a strengthening look (to you) your social value.
If the clothes do not make the man, however, it is recognized that this may be an effective first step in the evolution of your own perception of your personality.
Experiments build confidence:
Being master different areas of expertise can allow you to extend more credit.
It is advisable to multiply the experiences, both sporting and cultural or professional (training for example).
The more you enrich your knowledge, the more you will feel that your intrinsic social value increases, which allow you to be more comfortable at the time to discuss your background.
As you see, confidence is a totally subjective phenomenon whose main power is your own fear the judgment of others.
More you will manage to put the importance of the latter, the more you will feel free to make the choices dictated by your own personality and not the collective consciousness … enough to make a step towards personal development!
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