[english] What are the main differences between Asian cultures and Western cultures?

Public on March 7, 2015
I want to talk something about "What are the main differences between Asian cultures and Western cultures?"  this afternoon to my group and few tourist if i meet them in 23/9 park.. so i try to search on Google, and this is my results . It  look simple and easy to understand . They are all the copyright of Yang Liu, a Chinese raised in Germany, and appear in her book “Ost trifft West” (East meets West).  These images depict differences & commonality between groups in their approaches, perspectives, and moments in history......
In the images, Blue –> Westerner and Red –> Asian.

Something about Author : 
BIOGRAPHY: Yang Liu was born in 1976. In age of 13, she moved with her parents to Germany. At the age of 17, she started her studies at the University of Arts  in Berlin. After her master degree, she worked as a designer inSingapore, London, Berlin and New York City. 2004 she has started her own design studio. While she is giving workshops and lectures on several international conferences, she was as well as teaching at the Central Academy of Fine Arts and theGlasgow school of Art. Her works had been awarded with
 several international design awards and are shown in Museums and became partof the collections.

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