Danger Box - Good Game Brainstorming

Public on September 17, 2015
You always want to stimulate your wits with a game that needs brainstorming? A 3D game absolutely challenging.
It’s too hard to overcome – Let’s pass over all the obstacles to bump the goal ! Only one danger – the boxes and one target – reach the final destination .
But it’s just not so simple! Danger box – the speedy boxes are blocking the way to the destination. You cannot destroy those boxes, hence, let’s observe the terrain, build strategies to stay away from the box and be careful with the border lines that can make you fall down.
                                 Danger Box- ảnh chụp màn hình

How to play: 
 - Use the 4 corners of the screen as keys to move 
- Collect items and reach the destination 
- Stay away from the speedy boxes, they move non-stop 
- Be carreful with the risky border lines 
 - 10 attractive layouts of gameplay, and the challenges do not end with the increasing speed of the danger box 
- 3D game with simple and eye-catching design 
- Stimulating sounds 
- Simple operations, interesting experiences 

 Let download it and try it right now ! The game Danger Box is created by Tinhvan Incubator in order to join the Bluebird Award 2015.


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