Animation in Android like Tinder App

Public on December 27, 2015
Hello Friends,

You must have understood from the title only what i am going to share with you now. I think you must have checked the Tinder App on play store. Tinder app is a social application which will allow you to find the people nearby and chat with them. 

This application contains the nice control of like/dislike the people by swipe right or left. That animated control is already available ready for the iOS Tinder animation, but for android its not available as far as my knowledge. 

So i have tried to create similar kind of control for android and that is what today i  am going to share with you. 

Here are the screenshots of the view which i have developed. 

You can Download Source Code also. 

I hope it will help you. Feel free to give you suggestions and improve the control also. 

Thank you.

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