How do I increase downloads for my own Android game app?

Public on December 7, 2015
Let me tell you how I have managed 1 million downloads within 8 months, without any marketing budget.

It was my first app and since I was just a student(I still am) ,I didn't had any money to advertise.

However I managed some money  for other things like screenshots ,video,website etc etc.

1. The selling point for my app was the UI/UX. And for me the presentation was everything. I knew I was short on budget,and I wanted to convert every click into a download (i mean there is a high probability that if a person clicks on the link,he may not download it because of poor screenshots)

So good,professional looking screenshots were important so  for that I needed a photoshop professional.

(although I designed the app myself,I wasn't very good at photoshop) so I hired a guy from freelancing websites.
I paid the guy 50$ for 5 screenshots
good icon was also necessary,i paid about 20$ for it.( i ended up paying 80$ in total,there were icons which i rejected,but I believe in paying people for their work. Not liking the icon was something subjective.

I then hired a guy for the video.

Now if you don't know how most of the videos are made,you may end up paying 150-400$
there are websites from where you can buy templates for virtually everything.
So I purchased a 25$ template,hired a guy for 40$   to do the changes to it.(His fees was 20$ ,i offered him 20 extra so that he doesn't say anything when i ask him to do many repitions)
So the whole video was done for 65$

2. I got fake facebook likes(40,000 likes for 40$ people are real but they don't come to know when they liked the page,there are scripts for fake facebook likes) as I thought it can be used as an audience,but turns out it was a waste,as facebook has changed it algorithms,and a post's visibility only increases if it gets enough momentum(i.e comments and likes).And it is quite obvious that no one would be interested in a post from a page which they never liked themselves.

The post never reached 40,000 people which was my intended target.

3. I wrote the description,optimized for ASO.There are websites for SEO (or ASO ,app store optimization)like sensor tower which can be used for figuring out which keyword to use.

4. Added 1000+ friends on facebook from my college before the launch

5. I launched the app.
6. I gave credit to those people on how they were so supportive and accepted our random friend requests and then sneaked in the download link with very pretty images.People like to take credits for no reason ,just like they want to feel good and superior and want to be a part of something, without any reason,I just exploited it.
7. The early downloads and reviews were quite important
8. They reviewed and downloaded.About 200-300 of them.
9. Just after I launched it,I changed my schedule and started sleeping 9 hrs in 2 days .i.e 4.5 hrs a day,with 3 hrs of sleeping shifts.
i searched for lists of websites which review android apps.Sent them a copy pasted message and often making intentional mistakes while typing the subject like "Android 'ApP' Review",to get their attention as you are not the only one sending them emails. we tried to make it look as professional as we could.But tried to keep the message friendly.I posted them 100 each day.
Here is the list if you want to use it

10. Posting  on facebook groups.The post here doesn't have to be professional and the screenshots should not look professional,if they are 

,(these screenshots were differnt from the ones one the app page) you will give an impression that your app comes from a company and it won't appear as a personal request but like an advertisement which you don't want.I posted them 100 each day. Got about 2000 downloads from such posts.
11. Sending messages to youtubers to review it and then posting on their new videos ,asking people to try it and asking the channel owner to review it. I posted them 100 each day or maybe more.
12. Posting on reddit,forums, qoura etc.Got about 300 downloads from there

I did this for 20 days.

Got about 15,000 downloads within the first 20 days.
Then all the downloads were due to ASO,which I have learnt during the past 6 months.
ASO helps me to get 10,000 downloads a day,without spending any money on advertising and without even working.

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