Public on January 23, 2016
App Marketing Tools
Over the last few years, a lot of tools and services have been created for app developers.
We have tried some of them and review them here. Obviously, we cannot try every tool out there, but we would love to hear what you think about any tools that you have used. Don’t hesitate to contact us to help us make that list better!

Market Research

App Annie – App Ranking, Analytics, Market Intelligence
Distimo – App Analytics, Download Estimations and Insights
Xyologic – A New Approach To Mobile App Search
Apptrace – App Store Intelligence
AppMonsta – App Market Data
Vision Mobile – Ecosystems analyst firm
MetricsCat -Analyze mobile apps data
Also: Apple’s App Store, Google Play Store


POP (Prototyping on paper) – iPhone App Prototyping Made Easy
Mockabilly – App for creating mockups on iPhone
Interface – Advanced mockup and prototyping for iOS
Blueprint – Mockup iPad app for iPhone and iPad applications
Proptotypes – Turn static designs intro a tappable iPhone prototype
FieldTest – Create mobile interactive prototypes
Keynotopia – Use PowePoint/Keynote to Prototype Like a Pro
Justinmind – Rich interactive wireframes to define web and mobile applications
Fluid UI – Mobile Prototypes for iOS, Android and Windows Apps
UI Stencils – Stencils, sketch pads and accessories for UI design
App Cooker – Advanced iOS mockup generator for mobile applications – Mobile prototyping
UXPin – UX design tools built by UX designers
AppGyver’s Prototyper – Turn wireframes into an interactive mobile app prototype
WireKit – An iPhone app wireframe kit
DevRocket – Photoshop panel plugin for iOS developers
Flinto – Quickly create iOS prototypes
App Icon Template – App icon template for iOS 7
PortKit – UX Metaphor Equivalents for iOS & Android
SketchMirror – Preview your mobile apps directly on your devices
Invision – Free Web & Mobile Mockup and UI Prototyping Tool
Framer – Prototyping tool for animation and interaction
Marvel – Free prototyping tool
Sketch – Professional digital design for Mac

Demo Tools – Interactive previews for your app or game

UI Galleries

Crowdfunding (app specific)

AppStori – Crowdsourcing and founding platform for apps
Appbacker – App wholesale marketplace
Appsfunder – Funding platform for apps
AppSplit – Crowdfunding platform for apps
Kraudmob – Mobile apps crowdfunding
Dandy – App creation in community


Jargon – Ship your app in any language (SDK)
iCanLocalize – Expert translation
Applingua – iOS, OSX & Android App Localization Service
OneSky – Get your apps & websites translated
PO Editor – Free online software localization tool
Acclaro – Mobile application translation
Babble-on – App localization
LocalEyes – App localization
LocTeam – Localize iOS and Mac OS X apps
Gengo – People-powered translation at any scale
Tethras – App translation service
Wordcrafts – Mac OS and iOS localization
LingoTip – Apps translation
Smooth Localize – Localize your iOS app cheaply and quickly
Transfluent – Easily translate your app by using Transfluent’s API
DYS Translations – Video game translation and localization services
verbalizeit – human powered translation
ackuna – Free crowdsourced translation service


Scoreloop – Cross-platform SDK for gaming ecosystem (virtual currency, social gaming, etc.)
Nextpeer – Social layer for game monetization
Playhaven – Mobile game LTV maximization platform
MobInLife – Apps monetization and promotion consulting
Avocarrot – App Monetization with Native Ads
Kiip – Real rewards for virtual achievements
Smaato – Real Time Bidding Exchange for mobile ads.
Appsfire – Growth Engine for apps.
AskingPoint – Complete app monetization and messaging solution plus rating widget
Appprix – Tournaments and cash rewards for mobile games

Mobile App Testing

TestFlight – iOS Beta Testing on the fly
HockeyApp – Collect crash reports, get feedback and distribute your betas
Elusivestars – Mobile Application Testing For Developers
Testin – Cross Platform Automated App Testing Solutions
uTest apphance – Crash/Bug reporting and user feedback
Crashlytics – Crash reporting solution
Errbit – Open source error catcher (Airbrake compliant)
StartUpLift – Get feedback from users
Bugsense – BigData analysis to support apps
Pieceable – Make iOS apps work in the browser
Acra – Open source android crash reports
Crittercism – Error monitoring
UserMetrix – Application analytics combined with traditional error reporting
AppThwack – Test your app on 100s of real devices
BugClipper – Plug n play library designed to report bugs
Joppar – Update your app without code
AppTestNow – Get your app tested by experts
Ubertesters – mobile beta testing solution
Snaffu – In-app bug reporting

A/B Testing

Hercules – Mobile A/B testing
Splitforce – Mobile A/B testing for iOS, Android and Unity Apps
Vessel – Optimize your mobile funnel with A/B testing
OneTwoSplit – A/B test your app store listing and improve conversions
SplitMetrics – A/B testing of icons and screenshots

User Feedback/CRM SDKs

Apptentive – In-app feedback for iPhone & Android developers
Appboy – Customer Engagement Platform  for mobile apps
Appsfire’s AppBooster – Apps engagement and feedback SDK
HelpShift – The customer support helpdesk for native apps
LivePerson – Mobile chat solution
Jira – Open-source library for collecting feedback
UserEcho for iOS – Collect and manage feedback for your iPhone or iPad application
Appsee – Understand your mobile app users with recordings, heatmaps and in-app analytics reports
Taperecorder – Get high frame rate videos of what users are doing in your app
TestFairy – Easy Android app testing
Testbirds – Crowdtesting for mobile apps
Instabug – In-app feedback for mobile apps!
swrve – mobile marketing automation platform
HelpStack – Open source mobile help framework
Hipmob – Integrated FAQ and live chat for websites and mobile apps
LaunchKit Review Monitor – App Reviews delivered to your Inbox and Slack

In-app Analytics

Flurry Analytics – App Analytics for free
Google Analytics – Google Analytics for Mobile
Apple App Analytics – Apple’s Analytics for Mobile
Apsalar – Mobile App Analytics & Advertising
MixPanel – Mobile Analytics
Localytics – Mobile Marketing and Analytics for Apps
Countly – Mobile Analytics
Playtomatic – Open source game Analytics for every Platform
HeatData – Heatmaps for Mobile Websites
TestFlight Live – Analytics with TestFlight
Placed – Location Analytics – Analytics Platform
Capptain – Pilot your apps
Kontagent – Mobile Customer Intelligence
Claritics – Intelligent Analytics
Applicasa – Mobile game management platform
Bango – Web and app analytics
Appsee – Visual Mobile App Analytics
Telerik – Mobile and web real-time app analytics
personagraph – get insights into your user — In-app Analytics for desktop & mobile with just 3 lines of code

Attribution / Marketing Analytics

Tapstream – Marketing Analytics for apps
Yozio – Campaign tracking for mobile apps
Distimo’s AppLink – Cross-platform app distribution and conversion tracking
Trademob – Mobile Marketing Analytics
Swrve – In-app marketing platform – Universal URL and Custom URL (sharing app content)
Linkredirector – One marketing link for apps across multiple app stores
Adxtracking – Analyze and optimize mobile app advertising
AppsFlyer – Mobile app measurement and tracking
MobileAppTracking by HasOffers – Attribution analytics
Adjust – BI platform for mobile apps
Segment – Customer data hub

Deep Linking

mobile.deep.linking – Methodology for launching a native mobile application via a link
AppURL – Connect native apps to the web with http URLs
URX – Deep Linking for mobile apps – Deep Link into your app
AppsFlyer One Link – Mobile app measurement and tracking – Personalized install for every new user

Push Notifications

Urban Airship –
PushWoosh – New approach to push notifications
Parse – The complete mobile app platform
Appsfire’s Appbooster – Boost your app’s engagement – Push Notifications
Xtify – Push notifications for iOS, Android, Windows and Mobile Web
mBlox – Smart Mobile Engagement
Quick Blox – Cloud backend API
MixPanel – Mobile Analytics
Appscend – All-In-One Mobile Platform (analytics, push, etc.)
Appoxee – Push Notification Services
Xtify – Push notifications for iOS, Android, Windows and Mobile
Pushwizard – Push notification service & Remote event management
notiphi –  location based mobile analytics and messaging platform
GameThrive – Easy & Smart Push Notifications

Affiliate Programs

TradeDoubler – Affiliate Marketing for Europe & Brazil
LinkShare – Affiliate Marketing for US, Canada & Mexico
DGM Pro – Affiliate Marketing for Australia & New-Zealand
GeoRiot – Globalize your affiliate marketing

App Websites & Landing Pages

Unbounce – Build, publish and test landing pages (w/ Mobile App Templates)
Appsites – Create a website for your mobile app
ThemeForest (Grizzly Theme) – Site Templates and Themes
Appify WP – WordPress Theme for iOS and Mac Apps
Launchrock – Set up a “launching soon” page in minutes
Dasapp – Website hosting for mobile apps
Mobtizer – Create landing pages for mobile advertising
PlaceIt – Generate Product Screenshots in Realistic Environments
LinkTexting – Add text-to-download to your website
UsersThink – Improve your landing page with feedback from real users

Pre-launch platforms

PreApps – Pre-release buzz and exposure
Prefundia – “coming soon” platform

App Store Optimization

Mobile Action – App Store Optimization, App Intelligence and Actionable Insights
MobileDevHQ – SEO for Mobile Apps
AppTweak – Instant App Marketing and ASO report
SensorTower – Mobile SEO and Keyword Optimization for iOS Apps
Search Man SEO – Mobile SEO for iOS Apps – App Store SEO
Appnique – Improve your search ranking in the mobile app stores
AppRankCorner – App Store Optimization
AppSnippetPreview – App Store Listing Optimization Tool
Gummicube – End-to End Solution for Mobile Marketing and ASO
AppMind – Discover any iOS app’s keywords

App Downloads & Revenue Tracking

App Annie – App Ranking, Analytics, Market Intelligence
Distimo – App Analytics and App Data
AppFigures – App Store Analytics for Mobile Apps
Mopapp – App Store Analytics
AppBot – App Store Reviews & Features delivered daily
FULLER App Analytics – App Data for Japan

Getting Press

HARO (Help A Reporter Out) – Connecting Reporters and News Sources
Appromoter – Brings developers and the media together
JustReachOut – Connect with reporters

Ad Networks

iAd – Apple’s advertising network
TapForTap – Mobile Ad Network / Free Tap Exchange
Flurry App Circle – Targeted ads for mobile apps
Chartboost – Technology platform for mobile games
Admob – Monetize and promote your mobile apps with ads
AdColony – Video ad platform
Vungle – Mobile app advertising through Video
Millenial Media – Mobile advertising & monetization
Inneractive – App monetization
Burstly – App monetization platform
Airpush – Mobile ad network
Medialets – Mobile rich media advertising
xAd – Mobile-local advertising & marketing
Pontiflex – Advertising platform
Jumptap – Target mobile advertising
Tapgage – Mobile interstitial ad network
Appia – Ad network
Apptap – App advertising network
Pollfish – Survey platform to target users
Mobclix – Real-time bidding mobile ad exchange
Location@scale – Mobile-local advertising
NativeX – targeted advertising
AppFlood – Cross-promotion platform for buying, selling and exchanging mobile traffic
Jampp – Drive installs to your app
StartApp – Mobile Advertising
Chartboost – Technology platform for mobile games
AdColony – Video ad platform
Vungle – Mobile app advertising through Video
Flurry App Circle – Targeted ads for mobile apps

Promo Campaigns

AppGratis – 1 free app a day
Appsfire – App Discovery
Free App A Day – The best paid apps for free dail
AppBounty – Play & Get Paid
Promodispenser – Users get free Gift cards by downloading and reviewing your app

Expert Advices

Clarity – Get great advice

Buy & Sell apps

Apptopia – Buy and sell app ownership

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