How to Start a Startup

Public on February 8, 2016
Let’s focus for dreams and goals has been about first finding clarity for what you’re really trying to do in your Startup or life. Once you have that, create your own opportunities. Figure out where you can add value and begin to do that. You don’t need to wait for anyone’s approval or permission. Even if it doesn’t monetize right away, put ‘it’ out there so that others can see the value and gain from your knowledge in whatever form that may be. Share and contribute and then let your market find you.

1. You always want to move onto the next big thing
Ideas are constantly flowing through your mind and you want to put them into practice ASAP.
2. You constantly write down ideas
Whether it’s on an iPad or the napkin in a restaurant; if you have an idea you are going to make a note of it.
3. You accept that some ideas can be & or are just crazy
You’ll have 99 crazy ideas but understand that just one needs to be perfect.
4. You don’t do later. You want things done now!
Your energy and motivation is consistently tied to “Why would you put things off until later when you can wake up a little earlier and get extra work done now?”
5. You constantly promote yourself
Every new person you meet is a potential business contact and you’ll take advantage of that.
6. You don’t fear failure
Failure just brings you closer to success and you are never afraid to fail. It’s the inner drive and sheer determination that sees you through and those are attributes that never leave.
7. You have no greater feeling than success
The chance to succeed and make something of yourself is what gets you out of bed in the morning. Furthermore, you visualize what you could become in the short/long term therefore that encourages you to accomplish great things.
8. You feel like you can conquer the world
When you achieve something, you feel like you can do anything and that next achievement will always be bigger. The ambition is what focuses you and it’s the constant target that ensures you progress in your project and strive toward success.
9. You are as good as restless
You don’t sleep as much as you used to and if you take a few days away from work you are itching to get back. With the constant focus on success it’s very hard to switch off from work. Taking your work back home is also not an unusual thing for entrepreneurs.
10. You just never stop being an entrepreneur
Wherever you go, somehow you think about work.
If you find yourselves exhibiting some or all of these attributes, great. Take the plunge, get to work and build that empire.
from : Startup insider

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