Google IO 2016: dates and keynote predictions , what's new on android N

Public on March 11, 2016

Google IO is your ticket to Android N and self-driving cars

Update: The official Google IO 2016 dates have been announced to be May 18 - May 20. Tickets go on sale March 8 - March 10 on the Google IO website, though registering for a ticket doesn't mean you've successfully purchased one. Developers will have to submit an application, then Google will randomly select qualified attendees. Here's everything we've been hearing about Google IO 2016 so far.
It's been a big 12 months for Google: Android 6.0 Marshmallow released, it made developments in self-driving car tech, and, perhaps most significant of all, it shuffled its corporate structure so it's now owned by a company called Alphabet.
That doesn't mean, however, that Google will sit back and relax in 2016. Google IO 2016 will likely be a huge event with lots of news, just like Google IO 2015 and 2014 before it. In fact, the pressure of Microsoft's recent push of great new products and Apple's ever-growing popularity are likely to cause Google to go even further than it has in the past and come up with better products that can appeal to a wider range of people.
We here at techradar have high hopes for Google IO 2016. Here are some of our predictions for every major product category at next year's conference.

Android N

Google IO
The Google IO 2016 product most users will be chomping at the bit to see will be the next version of Android, currently dubbed Android N. While we don't yet know what the official name of the software will end up being (Android Nutella? Android Nougat?), it's likely that Android N will be a major update, especially considering that Android Marshmallow, the most recent version of Google's mobile OS, was relatively small.
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