Android how to make a dialog appear in fullscreen at bottom

Public on March 20, 2016
here set your screen width and width to the dialog at bottom. I just implement success it into my project , click here for more information.

This is how i implement it.

And this is the tutorial on stackoverflow.
WindowManager.LayoutParams lp = new WindowManager.LayoutParams();
    lp.width = width;
    lp.height = height;
or in your styles create a style like this then

 <style name="DialogTheme" parent="android:Theme.Dialog">

    <item name="android:layout_width">fill_parent</item>
    <item name="android:layout_height">fill_parent</item>

    <!-- No backgrounds, titles or window float -->
    <item name="android:windowBackground">@null</item>
    <item name="android:windowNoTitle">true</item>
    <item name="android:windowIsFloating">false</item>
create a dialog object like this
dialog = new Dialog(this,;
Edit ::
get width and height like this for any device it will fills..
WindowManager manager = (WindowManager) getSystemService(Activity.WINDOW_SERVICE);
    int width, height;
    LayoutParams params;

        width = manager.getDefaultDisplay().getWidth();
        height = manager.getDefaultDisplay().getHeight();
    } else {
        Point point = new Point();
        width = point.x;
        height = point.y;

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