[React-native] twitter login step by step

Public on March 30, 2017
Hello People ! today i take some note about Reac-Native Login by twitter. Follow these step.

  1. Create an app on https://apps.twitter.com to get API keys , Remember : You can put any valid URL as the callback url, but that's requite , can't leave it blank.
  2. Open Xcode and “Linking” follow this instructions [linking]
  3. Install module “react-native-simple-auth” to your react-project (https://github.com/adamjmcgrath/react-native-simple-auth).
  4. Set up deep linking for your Android and iOS application, instructions on the [react-native website]
    1. Add the deep link scheme for the callback (Your App Name, eg testapp) to your AndroidManifest.xml eg https://github.com/adamjmcgrath/ReactNativeSimpleAuthExample/blob/master/android/app/src/main/AndroidManifest.xml#L28-L33
    2. Add the deep link scheme for the callback to your iOS app, eg https://dev.twitter.com/cards/mobile/url-schemes (Due to A Facebook bug, this should always be the top one in the list)
  5. Back to react-native projec !

We done ! :)

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